Gautam Kalra x Stage3

Meet Gautam Kalra, the official stylist for Lakme Fashion Week for 10 years and an active part of the Amazon India Fashion Week. This gifted genius has worn many hats over the years - from working with an advertising agency to being a restaurateur, but fashion is and always will be his first love.

As Stage3’s official stylist, he creates magic with clothes and accessories - matching the right drape with the perfect cut; hiding the problem areas and accentuating parts that work in our favor. Here are his style secrets, depending on your body-type.

Gautam Kalra's Complete Guide To Dressing Your Body-Type

Petite Women

“Pick any color or silhouette. And choose bold prints and drapes, which work very well with this body-type.”

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Pear Shaped

“Distract `people with what’s on top. For instance, if you have embroidery on top then the attention goes on top.”

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Apple Shaped

“Layer your clothes. For instance, if you’re wearing a tshirt and jeans, layer it with a blazer. And choose fabrics like chiffon and georgette that fall really well.”

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Gautam Kalra

“I think as a stylist my biggest advice would be to own your body.
Nobody is too thin, too dark, too fair, too short… just dress right and be comfortable in your skin.”

Gautam Kalra

Fashion Stylist